Selected Global Academic Journals on the net

Selected Academic Journals

  • American Journal of comparative Law (USA)
  • Amsterdam Law Forum (Netherland)
  • Asian Journal of Comparative Law (Singapore)
  • Autralian Journal of Gender and Law (Australia)
  • Berkley Journal of Criminal Law (USA)
  • Cardozo Law Review (USA)
  • Duke Journal of comparative law (USA)
  • Electronic Journal of Comparative Law (Netherland)
  • European Journal of International Law (Europe)
  • European Law Journal. Review of European Law in Context (Europe)
  • European research papers Archives (Europe)
  • Frontiers of Law in China (China)
  • German Law Journal (Germany)
  • German Law Review. Review of Developements in German, European and International Jurisprudence (Germany)
  • Global jurist (Global)
  • Global Law Review (China), from the Institut of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Siences, Beijin
  • Global policy journal (United Kingdom) (Last revue of global legal studies, by the London Scool of economics).
  • Indian Law Journal (India)
  • Indiana journal of global legal studies (USA)
  • International Association of Labour law journals (Global)
  • International Journal on Human Rights (Brazil)
  • Israel Law review (Israel)
  • Journal of Islamic State Practices in International Law (United Kingdom)
  • New global studies (Global)
  • Revue de droit des Affaires Internationales (France)
  • Theoretical inquiries in Law (Israel)
  • Yale Glogal on line (USA). A publication of Yale Center for The Study of Globalization.
  • Web journal of current legal issues (United Kingdom)
  • List of law journals on the net

  • Law journals on the net, University of oxford, Faculty of Law (Most complete list on the net).
  • Find law for law students (Several hundred academic journals…).
  • University Law Review project (ibid).
  • HAL (Hyper Articles en Ligne - pre-print).
  • TEL (Online thesis).
  • Open Archive Initiative (permet d'effectuer une recherche conjointe sur 1 222 entrepôts de données dans le monde).

  • FMSH

         Global Legal Studies Network